Keeping Cool at a Summer Wedding: Refreshing Drinks Choices

One of the most important things to consider when planning a summer wedding is what drinks are going to be available for your guests. The last thing you want is your Aunt Doris overheating or guests not being able to get up and dance because they’re not well hydrated or cool enough.

Pimm’s is, of course, a classic summer drink and Bristol is famous for its fabulous selection of ciders – but what else can you offer? Here are a few of our favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic suggestions to keep thirsts quenched throughout your reception.

For an alternative non-alcoholic option, choose a selection of interesting cordial flavours. Elderflower is refreshing, sweet and a little bit more special than your average cordial. Equally, ginger and lemongrass and apple and plum are both delicious without being childish – perfect for adults who are driving or don’t drink.

The mojito is the classic summer cocktail drink, but what other options do you have? The sky really is the limit when it comes to cocktails; but, rather than going overboard, we suggest you choose two signature drinks and only offer those. How about a cocktail that uses rum as its base and features fresh watermelon, lime and triple sec? Serve with a watermelon garnish and your guests will certainly feel refreshed.

Granita is, in our opinion, both a drink and a dessert. It’s a semi-frozen concoction, made from sugar, water and various flavourings. Coffee granitas are both refreshing and give a bit of a caffeine boost for those who might be lagging a little. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this tasty iced treat and if you’re not coffee fans then we suggest utilising strawberries or raspberries to flavour your icy mix.

We’re not saying that Pimm’s should be entirely off the drinks menu, but we hope we’ve made you realise that there are other options out there! If you’re looking for a wedding venue, then get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Bristol Harbour Hotel to learn more about what we can do to make your day as perfect as it should be.

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