Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: Top Tips

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping: Top Tips

So, you’ve popped the question to your bridesmaids, they’ve said yes, you’ve clinked glasses and now it’s time to get down to the serious business of dress shopping.

We’ve all heard (and seen) the bridesmaid dress horror stories. Pink meringues, unflattering cuts and expensive taste – how on earth can you ensure that you all come out of the experience as the firm friends you started out?

Fortunately, we think we can help. Follow our top tips when you’re shopping for bridesmaid dresses and you’ll end up with fabulous frocks and (more importantly) a happy clan of bridesmaids.

This means compromise. Chances are there isn’t going to be one miracle dress on the market that flatters every one of your bridesmaids. Instead, how about choosing one colour and finding different dresses that adhere to that colour but are different styles to one another? Or, you could even choose a colour palette, so all skin tones are catered for.

Whether your bridesmaids are paying for the whole outfit or you’re contributing, make budgets known from the very beginning. The last thing you want is for somebody to feel uncomfortable about cost but unable to speak up because they don’t want to ruin your special day.

Time management
If you want to physically go to shops, then don’t try and do it all in one day – you’ll get tired and frustrated by the afternoon and you’ll be more likely to make rash decisions that your bridesmaids may never forgive you for. Split your shopping trips up to avoid arguments and make sure you’ve got plenty of snacks with you!

Online shopping can be an absolute lifesaver; however, exercise caution. Check the returns policy, order from reputable sites and give yourself plenty of time for the dresses to arrive, be tried on and potentially be returned.

Being able to share your day with your closest friends is one of the most special things about getting married – with that in mind, don’t fall out over something as silly as a dress! Keep calm, listen to what your friends would like and everyone will be happy.

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