Top Five Rules for Guests

Top Five Rules for Guests

We know that putting ‘rules’ and ‘weddings’ together might make us sound like we’re trying to ruin everybody’s fun, but hear us out. These are the five ways that you can be a great guest for your friends, helping to enhance their day with very little effort on your part.

Your work as a guest begins the moment you get your invitation in the post (or via email, depending on how technology-friendly the wedding is). RSVP quickly and efficiently and you’ll be saving your friends additional stress, as it allows them to make bookings for catering and organise notoriously tricky seating plans.

Don’t go completely off-piste with the wedding gift. If there’s a list to choose from then choose from the list. If you’re desperate to buy those novelty matching aprons, then get them as a quirky added extra rather than the main event.

Be prompt
The bride is allowed to be late to the ceremony – you are not. The happy couple will remember who snuck in a few minutes into the vows and who left the reception at 8.30pm, immediately after the cake was cut. Even if you’re normally a fairly poor timekeeper, make a conscious effort to be prompt for one day.

Social media
If the couple wants a wedding hashtag and their wedding to be all over Instagram, then snap away! If not, then respect their wishes and don’t upload until they’ve released their own professional photographer shots. Simple.

Don’t drink so much that you end up severing ties with old friends and do get up and enjoy a few dances. There’s nothing worse than seeing people sat looking miserable at receptions, while everyone else tears up the dancefloor. Who cares if you’re not a natural Fred Astaire? Get on your feet and jive!

Follow these five simple rules and you’ll earn yourself top marks as a wedding guest. To put yourself in your friends’ good books before the invites have even been sent out, then why not suggest a visit to Northbrook Park? This countryside wedding venue is so impressive that we’re sure the suggestion will guarantee you a great spot on the seating chart. To arrange a tour, get in touch.

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