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Sofia Colturani Grassi

Front of House Manager, Brighton Harbour Hotel & Spa

Sofia has worked at Brighton Harbour Hotel & Spa for three years. She began her career with Harbour Hotels as a Receptionist and has now been promoted twice to Front of House Manager. Sofia has been nominated for the Harbour Future Leaders programme, which aims to equip colleagues with relevant and critical skills, knowledge and behaviours to ultimately create a pipeline of future talent.

How did you start your career in Hospitality?

I was working as a Receptionist at another hotel in Brighton before I moved to Brighton Harbour Hotel & Spa. I started as a Receptionist and after about a year I was offered the Reception Manager role. About four months later I was promoted again to Front of House Manager.

What do you love about your job?

After the pandemic, a lot of people in Hospitality reconsidered their careers but I think maybe I love it too much! No one day is the same and that's what I love the most, the buzz. You come in for your shift and you don't know what's going to happen. You could have big challenges that you have to solve. Here at Brighton Harbour Hotel & Spa, I am so lucky to have such a lovely team that I know whenever a difficult situation arises, I have the support I need. We work so well together as a team.

The guests are great as well and we get to meet so many different people from different places. As Front of House Manager it's my role to resolve queries or complaints quickly and to a high standard. It's amazing when you can turn it around and make the guest happy by understanding their needs. It's even better when they come back! It's a little bit of a personal challenge and to succeed at this brings me great satisfaction.

What's your proudest achievement in Harbour Hotel?

I'm still walking my path and I still have a long way to go but I would say my proudest achievement is to have my very own team, my reception crew. I'm proud to grow with them and to motivate them and keep them happy here. Sally, our General Manager, is also a huge inspiration and is fantastic at keeping our teams motivated.