Cocktail of the month

Sit back and enjoy our cocktail of the month at HarBAR on 6th

St Fiero £9.00

Oranges and lemons ring the bells of St Clements is a classic children’s nursery rhyme and it lends its name to a child friendly cocktail of orange juice and bitter lemon. For our much more adult version we use the new orange vermouth from Martini ‘Martini Fiero’. This contemporary vermouth is a blend of citrus and bittersweet orange with crisp white wines. Its fiery colour and zesty, fruity flavours are 100% natural and are the result of a careful, considered blending process by Martini’s Master Blender, Beppe Musso. Mermaid Gin, fresh lemon, strawberry puree, crème de framboise, grenadine and prosecco

Martini Fiero, limoncello, fresh orange juice, Fever-Tree lemon tonic