St Ives' best cycle rides

There’s nothing like a cycle ride to relax after a hard week’s work, to get some exercise, and to reconnect with nature.

St Ives has a number of great family-friendly cycle rides, taking in the coastal path, nature reserves and the region’s tin mines (of Poldark fame). Ask our reception team for a printed map showing the locations and descriptions of our recommended cycle rides, and where to hire bikes. On request, we can also pack you a luxury picnic in an easy-to-carry backpack to take with you.

The details:

  • 30 mins - 3 hours
  • Bike hire charges vary by supplier, but usually costs £5-£10 per day
  • Half-picnic (backpack) £12 per person

The fine print:

  • Advanced booking may be required for cycle hire and is strongly recommended
  • Guests are responsible for making all of their own bookings with any third-party suppliers that we recommend. The Harbour Hotels accepts no liability for third party tours and supplies
  • Guests are responsible for all of their own travel arrangements for our experiences, at their own cost
  • All hotel equipment for experiences will be issued on a first come, first served basis
  • You will be asked to sign a checklist for any equipment you use
  • All hotel equipment must be returned the same day in fairness to other guests
  • Use of equipment is complimentary but if you damage or lose it, you may be charged a fee for repairs or a replacement at the hotel manager’s discretion
  • Age and health restrictions may apply to this experience
  • Harbour Hotels accepts no liability for any injury caused during Harbour Hotels Experiences off the hotel grounds
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply