Please be advised that all treatment times include a 5-minute consultation

Massages by HarSPA

HarSPA Reviver Massage

  • £90 / £115
  • 70 minutes / 90 minutes
  • A deep tissue, full body massage.

HarSPA Bespoke Massage

  • £50 / £65 / £75 / £115
  • 30 minutes (bespoke massage) / 45 minutes (bespoke massage) / 60 minutes (full body bespoke massage) / 90 minutes (full body bespoke massage)
  • A relaxing back massage using traditional massage techniques, and body oils tailored to your needs. Longer treatments include the scalp.

Hot Stone Massage

  • £50 / £80
  • 30 minutes (back massage) / 60 minutes (full body massage)
  • Using the heat of volcanic basalt stones, this treatment reaches deep into tired muscles, stimulating muscle rejuvenation, and providing warm relief and relaxation. Shorter treatments focus on the back. Longer treatments include the whole body.

Lava Shell

  • £55 / £80
  • 30 minutes (back massage) / 60 minutes (full body massage)
  • This warming massage uses warm sea shells with the shells retaining their heat for the entire treatment. The heat from the shells penetrates deep into the muscles, working to restore and revive, easing tension and removing toxins.

Bamboo Massage

  • £55 / £80
  • 30 minutes (back massage) / 60 minutes (full body massage)
  • A unique massage technique that uses natural bamboo. This massage is highly effective for those who like an intensive and firm pressure, tight muscles will be left feeling relaxed and reenergised.

Massages by ESPA

ESPA Massage

  • £75
  • 60 minutes (full body massage)
  • Using ESPA’s top-of-the-range aromatherapy oils, this soothing and gentle massage will be tailored to your individual needs and desires.
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Give a gift

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