Kayaking, paddleboarding & more on Christchurch Harbour

Christchurch’s picturesque, lagoon-like estuary is an exceptional - and safe - venue for all kinds of watersports. A wide, broad expanse of water, it is only waist height deep in most places (except the central channel) at high tide. A nature reserve with plenty of sheltered coves and an abundance of wildlife, it’s also an idyllic spot for kayaking and paddleboarding. If you've never tried them - now is the time! 

If you want lessons or some guidance, ShoreSports offer kayaking and paddleboarding hire at Mudeford Quay, a 3-minute walk away. (If you ask them nicely, they'll come to the hotel to meet you). ShoreSports also offer fantastic guided kayaking tours from Mudeford Quay, up the estuary to Christchurch. Along the way you’ll pass Norman ruins, the ‘old’ Christchurch, and learn about the local area’s history. 3-4 hours, around £40 per person. 

The harbour is also regarded as one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing locations in the south of England – for both beginners and experts alike – and as a great place to learn to sail. Again, you can hire everything you need and get instructions at ShoreSports.

The details:

  • Based at Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa
  • Hotel equipment use is complimentary
  • Contact ShoreSports for their pricing but their prices start around £15 per hour
  • ShoreSports is open Friday-Monday and Tuesday & Thursday by appointment during term time. It’s open every day during school holidays. They’re closed November-March

The fine print:

  • Guests are responsible for making all of their own bookings with any third-party suppliers that we recommend. The Harbour Hotels accepts no liability for third party tours and supplies
  • Guests are responsible for all of their own travel arrangements for our experiences, at their own cost
  • Age and health restrictions may apply to this experience
  • Harbour Hotels accepts no liability for any injury caused during these activities
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply