The Eden Project 

Reconnect with nature

Quite possibly the most classic attraction down here in Cornwall is The Eden Project, and it’s only a swift 15-minute drive from us. 

Originally a barren landscape, a former clay mine with no soil or plants, the Eden Project has been greatly transformed into a seriously beautiful global garden, which sets the stage for an extraordinary day out where you’ll rediscover the natural world as you have never ever experienced it before.

A truly magical place, here you can explore massive covered Biomes, trek through the world’s largest indoor rainforest and immerse yourself in the calm fragrance of the Mediterranean Biome. There’s plenty more to be discovered too, enjoy their extensive outdoor gardens, contemporary artworks, performances and storytelling throughout the year. 

To finish of the nature-immersed expedition, The Eden Project has plenty of places to rest and enjoy something to eat.

Explore the exciting days out from our hotel in the quaint seaside town of Fowey.