Inspirational yoga

Connect with your inner zen during a personal yoga session, for you and a plus one. You may do it in the hotel grounds, or outside the hotel in a peaceful, picturesque location - including the beach. Ask our staff or the instructor for suggestions.

The details:

  • Available 8am-7pm by arrangement with the Harbour Crew
  • Price £40 for 45 minutes, £45 for 60 minutes
  • To enquire and book, contact the events team on [email protected] 

The fine print:

  • Guests are responsible for making all of their own bookings with any third-party suppliers that we recommend. The Harbour Hotels accepts no liability for third party tours and supplies
  • Guests are responsible for all of their own travel arrangements for our experiences, at their own cost
  • Age and health restrictions may apply to this experience
  • Harbour Hotels accepts no liability for any injury caused during Harbour Hotels Experiences
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply