Wedding themes

Star-crossed lovers

Add some atmospheric sparkle to your special day with a white LED back drop, a white LED dance floor, giant, lighted white ‘LOVE’ letters, uplighters and even a white LED DJ booth. White cocktail? No problem. Just ask.

Through the Looking Glass

Drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s famous novel, part-inspired itself by Guildford - add some quirky and uniquely ‘Alice in Wonderland’ touches to your event. Serve wine from tea pots; use stacks of old books as centre pieces, rather than traditional floral centrepieces; offer small shots saying ‘drink me’; and use playing cards to name your tables. Just don’t be too late, like the White Rabbit.

Dreamy White

Looking for a dreamy, traditional white wedding? Select this classic, elegant theme and we’ll decorate your room with twinkling white fairy lights, white ceiling draping and white Chiavari chairs. Candles and lanterns will line your path down the aisle.

Secret Garden

Inspired by the timeless tale of the Secret Garden, this enchanting, leafy-green theme combines foliage-rich décor - think ceiling drapings, table runners, and rustic flower walls - with little touches like tall candles, elegant garlands, and garnished cocktails and canapés.

Not quite what you are looking for?

Why not pop in to see us? Our team will have lots of great ideas - but we always want to hear yours first!