Harbour at home

There is an art to achieving that signature Harbour style

What inspired the design scheme at harbour Beach Club?

The location was hugely influential. Using colours from the natural surroundings, we wanted different elements of the hotel to reflect its captivating land and sea – Salcombe’s coastal views and rolling countryside are outstanding. We ended up with a colour palette made up of earthy and sienna tones as well as ochre yellows, sea blues and sage greens. The furniture is relaxed and versatile, with tactile materials and soft fabrics ensuring all surfaces feel like an invitation to slow down and recharge. The result is a ‘barefoot luxury’ resort that connects the inside with the outside seamlessly, featuring aspects that work well for both the winter and summer months.

What are your top three design trends for 2023?

Warm, earthy and green shades will continue dominating the colour palette for interiors. Vintage sage greens or forest green hues lend a calming ambiance to a room and instantly bring us back to nature. They provide a beautiful contrast to Art Deco pieces and natural woven textures of bamboo or rattan. Beyond the calming green tones, earthy colours such as ochres, taupes and beiges will continue to be big in the design world thanks to their ability to inject that exciting jolt of colour, freshness and life to a room. Eco-friendly and organic materials – whether reclaimed wood, teak, stone or cork – are redefining ‘luxury’ in interior design and are helping drive positive change. Sustainable bedding will also continue to be big in 2023. Linen is a fantastic fabric that uses significantly less water during production than cotton or polyester. I think we will start seeing a new appreciation for comfort and sleep in the home with more people turning their focus to luxe bedding, cushions, plush rugs and candles, all of which set the mood for relaxation.