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Good to know

Internet access

We provide wireless access in every room and throughout the hotel. Connect to “Harbour Guest”. Your browser will open up with the provider's homepage. Enter your name and e-mail address. Accept the T&Cs and connect.


Telephone calls from your room phone

Reception: 0 

To call room to room: dial 1 and then the room number you wish to call.

To make external calls: Dial 9 and then the phone number you wish to call. Local calls and UK toll-free are complimentary. Charges will apply to international and other national calls including mobile phones within the UK.


In an emergency, we are here to help, please dial 0 to speak to a member of the team. To call an emergency service from your room phone dial 9, then 999.


Lost & found

Please call Reception on 0 if you have lost any of your belongings. Should you forget any of your belongings when you leave us we will log them and hold them for safekeeping.



Departure time is 11am. Should you wish to stay past 11am please call the Reception crew by dialling 0. They will make every effort to accommodate your request, however, there may be a small charge. You can leave your luggage with us at reception once you have checked out of your room and come and collect it later.


Manager on duty

There is a manager on duty 24 hours a day. Please dial 0 should you require them.

For reception please dial 0

If there is anything you need during your stay please do not hesitate to let us know. From boat trips to top tips on the great and good in Padstow, our team know it all. 

We hope you enjoy your stay. If we can do anything to make it that bit more special, please let us know!