Kew Palace

A hidden royal home

Set within the gardens of the infamous Kew Gardens, Kew Palace is a place of outstanding history and unbeatable beauty and was the home of home of George III and Queen Charlotte.

The smallest of all the royal palaces, the palace was originally built as a fashionable mansion for wealthy London silk merchant, Samuel Fortrey in 1631.

George II (r 1727-60) and Queen Caroline were first attracted to little Kew, thinking it a perfect lodging for their three eldest daughters.  After them, several generations of Georgian royalty used Kew and nearby Richmond Lodge as weekend retreats from an intensely public life in town.

Kew reflects the intimate personal and domestic life of Georgian kings and queens for much of the 18th century. Today the interior of this tiny, atmospheric palace tells the powerful story of George III, his mental illness and the members of his family who lived and died there.

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