Your cosmopolitan wedding in Harbour Hotel Guildford

No matter if it’s a jaw-dropping, elegant affair, or a smaller, intimate celebration, you’ll find an abundance of characterful spots to call yours on your special day. From the grand Prelude suite to the more intimate Harbour Suite, nuptials have never looked so good.

Matt Trott Photography
Matt Trott Photography


Guildford Castle and its vibrant floral grounds and picturesque riverside scenes. Make Guildford known for one more thing—your wedding day. Our wedding planners can cater to almost any style or theme with our Classic package.



Nothing says Timeless more than a wedding venue set amid the historic vibrancy of our market town. Enjoy delicious canapés and a three-course newly-wed breakfast with our Timeless package.

Matt Trott Photography


Luxe never sparkled so brightly. Enjoy a wedding thoughtfully catered to your tastes and style—our wedding planners source local artisans and suppliers for those luxurious extras, to make your wedding day as memorable as can be.


Add your personal flourishes to our collection of spaces, with our wedding crew on-hand to help bring your desired theme to life.