Cycle the Camel Trail

The famous Camel Trail is an 18-mile path through beautiful Cornish countryside along a disused railway line between Wenfordbridge, Bodmin, Wadebridge and Padstow. It's traffic-free, well-surfaced, and virtually flat all the way - fantastic for walking and cycling. If the full trail is too long, you can break it up into three, more manageable 6-mile sections. 

Along the way, there are excellent picnic areas for you to stop and enjoy the views. On request, we’ll pack you a luxury picnic in an easy-to-carry backpack. Pop-up food stalls and cafés can also be found along the way. Ask our reception team to print you a copy of our PDF guide, showing the different stretches and our recommended stopping-off points.

You can borrow the hotel’s own bikes (where available), or hire bikes in Padstow close to the start.

The details:

  • 5 mins walk to start from the hotel
  • 30 mins - 3 hours
  • Use of hotel bikes is complimentary. A half-picnic in a backpack is £12 per person

The fine print:

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  • You will be asked to sign a checklist for any equipment you use. All hotel equipment must be returned the same day in fairness to other guests
  • Use of equipment is complimentary but if you damage or lose it, you may be charged a fee for repairs or a replacement at the hotel manager’s discretion
  • Age and health restrictions may apply to this experience
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